A Force for Good


We enable organizations to be proactive rather than reactive when monitoring and analysing data exposure for themselves and their supply chain. 

Collecting vast amounts of data from surface, deep and dark web we then use advanced AI models to generate prescriptive insights.

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Empowering Cyber Resilience 


Using the data we gather, we harness AI & big data techniques to provide a nuanced analysis of exposed data.

Our capacity to identify impacted parties and understand the specific impact of data breaches offers companies a decisive edge in mitigating risks from direct incidents or third-party exposures. 

Enhancing Incident Response 


Incorporating EDI into the incident response framework transforms the traditional IR process.

With Lab 1, organizations can achieve visibility at scale into 1st party, 3rd party or 4th party compromised data sets. 

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Synergy with Threat Intelligence 


The integration of Lab 1 EDI with threat intelligence is seamless and symbiotic. EDI's analysis capabilities enrich threat intelligence by providing detailed insights into the nature of exposed data, including potential vulnerabilities and the specifics of data breaches.  

Main Benefits

Comprehensive Insight

Comprehensive Insights

Traditional methods of data analysis often fall short of providing a complete picture of exposures. Lab 1's platform empowers enterprises to report the full scope of data breaches effortlessly, enhancing transparency and accountability.  

Systematic Approach

Systematic Approach

The EDI platform offers a systematic, repeatable, and transparent process for managing data exposures. By automating the detection and analysis of exposed data, enterprises can minimize human error and accelerate response times.  

Near Real-time Actionability

Speed of Actionability

With continuous, sharp, and granular insights, Lab 1's platform empowers enterprises to take proactive measures quickly. By alerting stakeholders of relevant exposures as they occur, the platform enables swift and decisive action, minimizing the impact of data breaches.

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Assessing Materiality of 
Cybersecurity Incidents

When determining the materiality of cybersecurity incidents, companies are obligated to follow strict guidelines and act swiftly. 

Learn about how you can significantly improve the quality and speed of your materiality assessment in case of a breach.