Forcing Balance in Exposed Data Management 


Our platform continuously monitors exposed data. We provide you with high fidelity intelligence and alerts, allowing you know both IF and HOW you are at risk and helping you close the loop faster.


We look everywere, for all data, all of the time


quicker analysis

entities added
every second


data entities
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Every Incident Monitored 


It all starts with monitoring and capturing incident data. We have now captured over 30TB of data extracting 10s millions of files from thousands of incidents.

All Data Entities Extracted


We extracted tens of billions of Exposed Data Entities (EDEs), compromising billions of identities and millions of organisations. And continue to extract over 629 entities per second.


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All Dots Connected


We use our sophisticated approach to understand the breadth, depth and dependencies of exposed data. Looking not only at which organizations and third parties have been exposed but also the content of the exposed files, we help you quantify potential risks.

How it works

Our most advanced approach for exposed data intelligence: 

Operational Resilience

Discovery at Depth:

Our platform scrutinises the clear, dark and deep web as well as various messaging applications to identify direct and indirect data exposures.

Effective monitoring

Speed at Scale:

Through our mix of data sources and AI data processing, we can analyse vast volumes of breached data quicker than any other known system or service.

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Core Components