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why joinDrive innovation and be a force for good in the world


Joining Lab 1 means stepping into the forefront of Exposed Data Intelligence. As the leading platform in this field, we leverage advanced AI to uncover the unknown faster than anyone else. At Lab 1, you'll have the opportunity to explore new boundaries in data intelligence, contribute to building cutting-edge systems, and be part of a team dedicated to making a positive impact.

Our Values


Doing good

Doing good 

We want to be a force for good in the cyber world, to swing the pendulum back to good actors, to make cyberspace a better place for everyone. 



We don’t accept the status quo; we feel that malicious actors have dominated cyberspace unchallenged for too long; we’re determined to change this. 



We’re bent on reducing the noise, on moving beyond indiscriminate alerting, on making things simple, clear and understandable for everyone. 



We believe that everything we do should be systematic, repeatable, and accessible so that as many people as possible can benefit from it. 

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Current OpeningsHere is how you can become part of our team

Cyber Analyst

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst is responsible for providing intelligent and complex analysis of relevant threats, vulnerabilities, campaigns, and incidents as discovered through Lab 1’s platform and independent manual research.

Analyst Team Leader

The Team Leader role is ideally suited for experienced operational cyber analysts with experience of managing individuals and teams. It is ideally suited to those who desire to apply their skills in their day to day work as a subject matter expert, whilst also managing and developing a team of analysts. 

Open Applications


You have a passion for advanced AI systems and Cybersecurity and would like to contribute to our mission of levelling the playing field against bad actors? 

Reach out to us and let's explore ways working together